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Come to our Jetty Road store and enjoy our freshest waffles covered in the finest Callebaut Belgium chocolate.

Our History

Waffle King Waffles

The founder of the Waffle King, Antonino Malvetti , comes from the Belgian city of Liège. A childhood in Liège is perhaps the best foundation anyone could have for an appreciation of waffles. The Liège sugar waffle is regarded by most people as the pinnacle of waffle development. Nino was introduced to waffles at an early age. While still a schoolboy he was put to work in a streetside caravan which provided waffles to the crowds attending the autumn fair in Liège.

Nino came to Adelaide in 2003. While he generally appreciated the city’s character, lifestyle and food culture he soon became aware of a critical deficiency. Unlike Liège, where waffles are freely available and it is a common sight to see pedestrians consuming waffles as they walk, he couldn’t find his beloved waffles anywhere in Adelaide.

He solved that problem by importing the necessary hardware and special ingredients to make waffles for himself. From that small beginning a wholesale business gradually emerged which supplied frozen waffles to cafes and other outlets around Adelaide.

Eventually Nino wanted to introduce to Adelaide the special pleasure of the freshly-cooked sugar waffle. On June 6th, 2011 the Waffle King opened its retail outlet at Sturt Road, Dover Gardens. Word spread quickly about the quality waffles and crepes on offer. 

With growing patronage the Waffle King has been pleased to extend its range of waffle specialties, beginning with the fruit waffle, and has also introduced other Belgian specialty products to appreciative customers.

Our customers are encouraging us to take our special products and unique style to a wider audience. Franchise opportunities are now available. Perhaps you can become part of the Waffle King family.

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